EDGE23: Dustomised Coffee Table •FOR SALE•

EDGE23 Arts present us with their latest creative output, to add to their ‘DUSTOMISED’ range.

‘Dustomised Coffee Table – upcycled/decoupaged with a vintage Picture Post

An upcycled Coffee Table, decoupaged using a vintage edition of Picture Post [23Feb 1952]. Capturing the social history of 1950s advertising at its best.

Dustomised Table (close up)

Featuring many loved household brands as well more obscure products that have disappeared in the sands of time. Take a small journey through time with every coffee break.

Dustomised Table (close up)

Available to buy now at – Martha’s Attic Vintage Shop, 9 Brighton Place, Portobello, Edinburgh. EH15 1LH (map)

Dustomised Table (close up)
Dustomised Table (close up)


– EDGE23 Arts –

HELLO!, BUY! BUY!! – Welcome our brand new ETSY Store!!!

This has been on the cards for a long, long time…….. Finally it has reached the top of gargantuan ‘to-do-list’ and we can call it DONE! Our online shop finally takes the form of an ETSY Store

Well started at least…. with 4 products for sale to the big wide world! 🙂

If you saw our last blog post, EDGE23 artist – ‘DUST’ just completed a new canvas – “DUST-OHM-EYES pt.1”

So this is first item up for grabs in the shop….. click here to check it out in full internet techicolour! 🙂



Please pay us a wee visit at ETSY here from now on!